Flavio Chamis

Especiaria is a record that deals with possibilities. The possibility of a classical musician, such as Chamis, directing a new look into popular music, resulting in a hybrid reading that preserves the meanderings and particularities of both universes. Or still, the possibility of musing on a path that started with an informal contact with music. But now Chamis applies all his experience as a maestro and practically “conducts” the whole creative process of the CD. Not only did he compose, arrange, and write the lyrics, but we also find his secure hand assisting in the editing, mixing, and even in the artwork, in which Brazilian spices (Especiarias) are displayed as if thrown onto an old colonial map. The cover sends us back to the beginning of the process, revealing the map from which Chamis ventures off on the search for his “musical spices”.

Album Credits

Flávio Chamis – Composer/Conductor
Joyce – Vocals
Alon Yavnai – Piano
Andrés Cárdenes – Violin
Tutty Moreno – Percussion
Marty Ashby – Guitar
Anat Cohen – Clarinet/Sax
Jay Ashby – Trombone
Dwayne Dolphin – Bass
Claudio Roditi – Trumpet
Hendrik Meurkens – Harmonica
Producer – Jay Ashby
General Director – Kati Almeida Braga
Artistic Director – Olivia Him
Record Label – Biscoito Fino