Live at MCG

Billy Taylor & Gerry Mulligan
Release Date: 08/28/2007

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Dr. Taylor played for the Grand Opening of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Music Hall in 1987 and has presented a colorful palette of programs at MCG over the past 20 years. Billy Taylor and Gerry Mulligan, Live at MCG represents one of those very special moments from 1993. Billy Taylor and Gerry Mulligan were the best of friends on and off the bandstand – which can genuinely be heard throughout this entire performance. You will hear them finishing each others phases and laughing at each other’s musical jokes. Their duet on “All The Things You Are” is a glowing example of their shared musical heritage and life-long bond.


1. Stompin’ At The Savoy
2. Just You Just Me
3. Darn That Dream
4. All The Things You Are
5. Laura
6. Line For Lyons
7. Body And Soul
8. Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana)
9. Come Sunday
10. Capricious