Turned to Blue

Nancy Wilson
Release Date: 08/01/2006

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49th Annual GRAMMY® Award winner for Best Jazz Vocal Album

This collection of songs tells a story that is very personal for Miss Wilson, and yet, are tunes she has never recorded before. Specifically the songs depict our basic nature to love so deeply, despite the inevitable human struggle with love’s power. Miss Wilson illustrates the many expressions of love, ranging from the powerful lost love in Maya Angelou’s lyric on “Turned To Blue” to the hopeful yearning for new love in the 1940s classic “Be My Love.” This project is third title Miss Wilson has done for the MCG Jazz label.


1. This Is All I Ask
2. Take Love Easy
3. Turned To Blue
4. Knitting Class
5. Be My Love
6. Taking A Chance On Love
7. Just Once
8. These Golden Years
9. I Don’t Remember Ever Growing Up
10. Old Folks
11. I’ll Be Seeing You