For The Moment

Bob Mintzer Big Band
Release Date: 06/19/2012

Brazil is one of the destinations jazz musicians inevitably frequent, both as performers and by way of musical influence. Brazilian music, very much like the people, is warm, colorful, spontaneous, for the moment, and uplifting. Here, then, are nine musical works for big band that reflect the sights, sounds, and feel of the Brazil that I know. While some of the tunes are directly from the Brazilian songbook (Corcovado by Tom Jobim, Berimbau by Baden Powell, and two newer tunes by Chico Pinheiro, a rising star on the Brazilian scene), others merely make reference to rhythmical grooves from various regions of the country. This becomes the springboard for what I most love to do: write for big band in a way that establishes a focus and then breaks free of stylization.


1. Aha 6:42
2. Um Filme 5:16
3. Irrequieto 6:31
4. For All We Know 6:27
5. Berimbau 5:58
6. For the Moment 6:12
7. Recife 6:11
8. Corcovado 6:29
9. Ouro Preto 4:36