Bob Mintzer Big Band Live at MCG with special guest Kurt Elling

Bob Mintzer Big Band
Release Date: 02/17/2015

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Bob Mintzer Big Band Live at MCG with Special Guest Kurt Elling, is the first live recording of the Bob Mintzer Big Band. Vocalist Kurt Elling is the Mintzer Big Band’s special guest, heightening the musical experience with his signature vocalese and improvised scatting style. The set reflects Mintzer’s passion for merging traditional American big band jazz to various other styles. The result is a stew of straight ahead jazz, Latin and world beats, hard bop and much more. Elling’s unique and daring vocal interpretations on three of the nine tracks take both the band and the listener on a fascinating freeform journey. DVD special features include composer commentary.


1. El Caborojéno (Bob Mintzer)
2. My Foolish Heart (Victor Young, Ned Washington)
3. One O’Clock Jump (Count Basie)
4. Gently (Bob Mintzer)
5. Eye Of The Hurricane (Herbie Hancock)
6. Timeless (Bob Mintzer)
7. All Is Quiet (Bob Mintzer, Kurt Elling)
8. Who’s Walkin’ Who (Bob Mintzer)
9. Original People (Bob Mintzer)