Steve Wilson and Lewis Nash
Release Date: 10/23/2014

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Saxophone. Drums. That’s it. A fearless confidence, bold daring and a serious sense of playfulness mark Duologue, Eschewing bass and all chordal ornamentation, saxophonist Steve Wilson and drummer Lewis Nash invert an old maxim, proving that less is sometimes more. Duologue, although the work of only two musicians, is as rich and enveloping as that of any full band. While the sax-drums combo has been tried before, particularly in jazz’s avant-garde, Wilson and Nash never leave melody behind—their dual statements sing and swing, even as the pair jump off into part unknown and unexpected.

Duologue’s 11 tracks are well chosen to illustrate the range Wilson and Nash are capable of achieving. Opening with two timeless Ellington classics—“Caravan” and “The Mooche”—and venturing as far afield as Ornette Coleman’s “Happy House,” the two virtuosos achieve a rare connection throughout, one that listeners will easily embrace along with them. Two different medleys of Monk tunes, Eddie Harris’ soulful “Freedom Jazz Dance,” Fats Waller’s iconic “Jitterbug Waltz” and a no-holds-barred closer of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Woody ’N’ You.” These classics are joined by three strong Wilson originals that feel right at home within such lofty company. “Black Gold ,” Wilson’s tribute to Pittsburgh’s cultural heritage and iconic sports teams, the bluesy “RCJG, paying homage to jazz masters Ron Carter and Jimmy Giuffre, and Wilson’s solo, “Row Twelve.” The two virtuosos achieve a rare connection throughout this recording, one that listeners will easily embrace along with them.


1. Caravan
2. The Mooche
4. Monk Medley Part 1 (Ask Me Now, Evidence)
5. Row Twelve
6. Black Gold
7. Jitterbug Waltz
8. Freedom Jazz Dance
9. Monk Medley Part 2 (Bright Mississippi, Four In One)
10. Happy House
11. Woody ‘N’ You